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Hong Kong Rehabilitation Programme Plan

2005-2007 Rehabilitation Programme Plan Review Working Group

Table of ContentsPDF Format(11 KB)Word Format(26 KB)

An Executive Summary of the Hong Kong Rehabilitation Programme Plan PDF Format(29 KB)Word Format(50 KB)

Chapter 1 IntroductionPDF Format(26 KB)Word Format(42 KB)

Chapter 2 Rehabilitation ServicesPDF Format(33 KB)Word Format(86 KB)

Chapter 3 Prevention and IdentificationPDF Format(37 KB)Word Format(63 KB)

Chapter 4 Medical RehabilitationPDF Format(27 KB)Word Format(48 KB)

Chapter 5 Pre-school TrainingPDF Format(26 KB)Word Format(34 KB)

Chapter 6 EducationPDF Format(31 KB)Word Format(53 KB)

Chapter 7 Employment and Vocational RehabilitationPDF Format(27 KB) Word Format(35 KB)

Chapter 8 Residential CarePDF Format(27 KB)Word Format(35 KB)

Chapter 9 Day Care and Community SupportPDF Format(33 KB)Word Format(64 KB)

Chapter 10 Development of Self-help OrganisationsPDF Format(26 KB)Word Format(32 KB)

Chapter 11 Access and TransportPDF Format(24 KB)Word Format(32 KB)

Chapter 12 Application of Information and Communications TechnologiesPDF Format(26 KB)Word Format(45 KB)

Chapter 13 Recreational, Sports, Cultural and Arts ActivitiesPDF Format(29 KB)Word Format(49 KB)

Chapter 14 Public EducationPDF Format(28 KB)Word Format(34 KB)

Chapter 15 Other Issues of ConcernPDF Format(20 KB)Word Format(30 KB)

Chapter 16 Conclusion and Way ForwardPDF Format(14 KB)Word Format(24 KB)

Appendix IPDF Format(20 KB) Word Format(28 KB)

Appendix IIPDF Format(35 KB)Word Format(62 KB)

Appendix IIIPDF Format(170 KB) Word Format(589 KB)