Persons with Disabilities and Rehabilitation Programme Plan


  • The Persons with Disabilities and Rehabilitation Programme Plan (RPP) was last reviewed and updated in 2007. The Chief Executive announced in the 2017 Policy Address that the Government has tasked the Rehabilitation Advisory Committee (RAC) to formulate a new RPP.
  • The RAC has adopted the following three guiding principles in the formulation of the new RPP: abiding by the purpose of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; adopting a life span approach in examining the needs of persons with disabilities in different aspects and stages of their lives; and facilitating cross-sectoral and inter-departmental collaboration to establish a disability inclusive society for persons with disabilities.
  • The formulation of the new RPP comprised three stages, namely Scoping, Formulation of Recommendations and Consensus Building with public engagement conducted under each stage to listen to views of the public and stakeholders as appropriate. The three stages of public engagement were carried out from March 2018 to January 2020. The RAC formally submitted the new RPP to the Government in June 2020. The Government accepts in principle the strategic directions and recommendations in the RPP, and will arrange for the implementation of the recommendations.